5 Ways to make your Valentine’s Day Special

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Have you ever wondered what to do to make Valentines Day special?   Holiday keeping around our house is almost a thing of the past but I want to share 5 things that make it a special day for me.   I really don’t care about being wined and dined, although that is nice.   It’s more the little things, like remembering to get a card or make one, that mean a lot to me.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to be romantic. So these are my favorite 5 things to sweeten Valentines Day  .

1.  Use a lot of  PINK & RED colors!   Make the day feel special from the start.   Dress romantically.   Have breakfast with fresh raspberries, cherries or strawberries.

2.  Leave NOTES of love.   I like to put them in lunch boxes or place that my husbands pants pocket.   With this techy age you can also text some love notes on your phone.  It doesn’t have to be long or wordy, a simple ‘I miss your smile’ will do.

3.  Create a Romantic ATMOSPHERE.   I love spreading candles all around if you can find scented ones all the better!   Have some songs you like, set and ready to go.

4.  FEED the Passion.  You don’t have to go hog-wild and make a huge expensive dinner.   Something simple by candle light and romantic music is fabulous.  You may even feel like close dancing while you prepare your meal.  A little bubbly is always welcome to make a toast with.

5.  Plan an ACTIVITY.   Massages are really nice to receive, so give one and you may just receive one.   You don’t have to plan an hour massage…even a nice foot or head rub is heavenly.   But just remember when using oils for massage, they are slippery and if you put it on your feet be sure you don’t slip and fall!

Golden jojoba oil

Golden jojoba oil


Here’s a wonderful recipe for massage oil just mix and enjoy:

Soothing Almond Jojoba Body Oil

3/4 cup sweet almond oil
3/4 cup jojoba oil
2 Tbsp apricot oil

The most important thing to remember is Valentines Day is a celebration of LOVE.   There are many ways that can be done and these are a few of mine.  I bet you can come up with many other ways to enjoy this special day.


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  1. Tonya Bowman says

    I love the ideas you give about Valentine’s day, we do not have that much money, now the only problem is getting four kids out of the house, my oldest is 20, so he can take them somewhere so that would be nice.

  2. says

    I agree with you! It’s not the money spent. It’s the time and effort that is taken to show that your loved one remembered and cared. I could care less about baubles. I just enjoy spending time.


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