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$700 in 5 prizes for this Christmas Giveaway

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I have got some great holiday giveaways and this one is called                                       Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!

Hosted by: Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Dishin With Rebelle, and, Contest for That.


Sponsored by:  Pink Ninja MediaMaggies BagsBall + Chain, and About Aloha Vintage Jewels


 These are the great prizes that are being offered:

  1. $250 Winner’s Choice – Anything you want valued up to $250 (shipping must be included in amount final prize amount of $250)
  2. $200 Winner’s Choice to Maggie Bags - Winner chooses any product from Maggie Bags valued up to $200.
  3. $100 Winner’s Choice to Maggie Bags – Winner Chooses any product from Maggie Bags valued up to $100.
  4. $50 Winner’s Choice to Aloha Vintage Jewels – Winner chooses anything from Aloah Vintage Jewels valued up to $50.
  5. $50 Amazon Gift Card – Winner will have additional choices depending upon where winner lives.

Giveaway will run from 11/10/12 at 12:01am EST till 12/11/2012 at 12:01am EST. Must be 18 or older to enter, and event is open Worldwide.

Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The following blogs have come together and helped make this event possible, a special thanks to:

Pink Ninja Blogger, A Medic’s World, Swank Savings, Vero’s ViewMukhang PeraLife: Full of Unexpected Happiness, My ReCe’s PiecesWhat’s Up? – Contests, Giveaways and Everything NiceAunt Maggie Rocks, Sister’s Saving Cents, The Frugal Free GalBlogShopWin, , Simply Shawn & Jenn, and Diva Fabulosa


Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this event, nor am I responsible for shipping prize to winner.

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  1. Donna George says:

    I love how sparkly everything gets at Christmas

  2. colleen boudreau says:

    i love christmas music.

  3. colleen boudreau says:

    I like the The Butterfly Bag

  4. My favorite Christmas thing was riding in the car with my brothers and sisters to see all the decorations that people put up.

  5. Christmas to me is getting to be with my family :) and seeing my kids smiles light up when they open their gifts. My most memorable Christmas gift…hard to choose I have two memories that come to mind. One year my mom had bought me a CD for Christmas that I had been wanting soooo bad, but there were two under the tree. I kept begging her to let me open one, she said okay and let me pick which one to open. She of course knew which one was the CD I wanted and of course made sure I didn’t pick that one. The one I opened she said was a bubblegum CD, I didn’t believe her lmao but it really was I was so mad at here that day (but not really). The next memorable gift was a tiny pink box I’d seen at a gas station one night when we were traveling back to Ohio from Kentucky after visiting my grandparents for Christmas. I asked for it of course and she said no…but Santa brought it for me :). I love my mommy. :)

  6. I remember waiting for Santa with my brother (now gone bless him) and falling asleep on the carpet in front of the mantle piece.

  7. i love all the food and family get togethers

  8. I love the warm, spicy smells!

  9. If I were to win a bag, I
    d choses the butterfly bag, I just wish they had it in gray!

  10. Christmas is the one time during the year where you can just enjoy someone’s company without a care in the world.

  11. Hello, I look forward to seeing family that I don’t see very often. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. Kim Barrett says:

    I love looking at the multi-coloured light displays

  13. Tote of Many Colors or Campus Tote

  14. carol roberts says:

    i gave my daughter a laptop for christmas and she loved it

  15. Kim Barrett says:

    I look forward to putting up a real tree. I’ve already found one in the bush!

  16. stacey dempsey says:

    I love when it snows on christmas and you feel all snuggly inside with your family

  17. Christin V says:

    I love to shop for Christmas. I put a lot of time and thought into my gifts

  18. As a child my mom and I woudl make sugar cookies and shape them into snowmen and angels and use gel icing to decorate.

  19. Kim Barrett says:

    Although there’s no guarantee, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

  20. Donna George says:

    I adore the kids enjoying Christmas. Watching them open presents and being delighted is great

  21. Kim Barrett says:

    Well, today we got snow, so now I’m looking forward to MORE snow!

  22. Tara Liebing says:

    I look forward to watching Christmas movies and decorating my house.

  23. I love buying for others, especially my kids and husband. Seeing their faces on Christmas morning, having everyone together.

  24. Decorations

  25. Bruce Epper says:

    Christmas means the TSO Winter Tour is coming back to Arizona (Dec 1 this year).

  26. Kim Barrett says:

    I get really nostalgic about Christmas specials on TV, especially the classics “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

  27. carol roberts says:

    i made christmas one yer when i was like 14 and the banna pudding wouldnt thicken i no it was so funny i put to much milk in and when i took to my maw maw she said u will get better in time it was so funny

  28. carol roberts says:

    is all the lights

  29. Donna George says:

    I love all the food that I usually don’t eat.

  30. Kim Barrett says:

    I love fruitcake and whenever I taste it -which is pretty frequently, because I work at a fruitcake bakery!- it reminds me of Christmas at home.

  31. Kim Barrett says:

    I love wrapping gifts. I know my dad loved to do this, too, because, along with all the other gifts, there would be cans of dog food under the tree for the dog to unwrap!

  32. Kim Barrett says:

    If there’s enough snow, we like to make a family of snowmen and women to decorate the yard! (It’s especially fun if the snow cooperates on Christmas Eve after our family walk through the town!)

  33. carol roberts says:

    remember the dog chewed the paper off the present and everyone thought i actually did it still cant believe it it was funny

  34. Kim Barrett says:

    When I was a kid, Christmastime was when we’d do jigsaw puzzles or play board games with my Dad, and my Mum wouldn’t grumble (too much) about the mess!

  35. carol roberts says:

    eating pecan pie at christmas

  36. carol roberts says:

    eating pecan pie at christmas ………..

  37. Kim Barrett says:

    We go to my mum’s over the holidays where we eat and eat, and then she sends us home with her “extra” chocolates! Yumm!

  38. carol roberts says:

    we go to see all the lights and eat popcorn in the car i hate popcorn but love carmel popcorn that a great memory

  39. Kim Barrett says:

    When the kids were little, we used to buy a bag of “reindeer hay” from the local Girl Guides. It came with a packet of “magic” that we sprinkled on the hay after we scattered it so that Rudolf could find our house on Christmas Eve. The hay was always gone by morning, presumably eaten by Santa’s reindeer!

  40. Chev Sopkin says:

    I love a dark house filled with only Xmas lights. It just makes me feel so warm & cozy!

  41. I used to like the excitement Christmas gave you when you were a kid. That’s just pure excitement and joy.

  42. Kim Barrett says:

    Apple Cider and Egg Nog are fighting it out for “Favourite Holiday Drink”. Apple Cider has a bit of an edge right now, because heating it up makes the house smell delicious!

  43. Robin Quick says:

    I love just that magical feeling you get as a child around Christmas. You get filled with more excitement as each day passes & gets closer to the big day. I loved going to bed on Christmas Eve & being so excited I couldnt go to sleep!

  44. Kim Barrett says:

    I look forward to one evening of last minute shopping with the crowds… ONE evening!

  45. Tara Liebing says:

    Christmas is a great holiday to celebrate life and family. Me and my son love decorating the tree and house together and I love to bake goodies for my friends and family.

  46. Kim Barrett says:

    Crafting, for me, has always been a part of Christmas. When I was little, I fashioned presents for all my stuffed toys out of ribbon and beads!

  47. Kim Barrett says:

    Two words: Spiced Ham! My Grandpa would make it every year (starting weeks before christmas) and it was delicious!

  48. Kim Barrett says:

    I like having candy canes on the Christmas tree. They give it a traditional look and I never seem to have to worry about taking them down with the rest of the decorations! (I like to melt one in my morning coffee and my husband eats them like…candy!)

  49. Kim Barrett says:

    I think ribbon candy is the prettiest thing! When I was a child, I only saw it pictured in books or on Christmas cards, but as an adult, I see it more and I make a point of buying a box to put out for guests. (Unless it’s cinnamon or lemon, I actually find it looks better than it tastes!)

  50. my favorite thing about xmas is the tradition we have where we as a family get 2gether and do a christmas craft!:)

  51. Christmas dinner.

  52. i love that the family gets together and puts all their differences aside to just have a nice time and enjoy the food!:) every year it is my most favorite thing to have a nice dinner with family.

  53. another memory i have is when i was younger 2 days before xmas we would make these ice candle holders and we would light them xmas eve so “santa could find our house” it made me so happy when i was younger.

  54. every xmas eve we get 2gether at my moms house and we watch the original rudolph movie and on xmas day we always have dinner but before dinner we get 2gehter and watch xmas movies!:)

  55. one of my favorite memories is i remember my best friend told me when i was younger that santa isnt real and your parents are “santa” and my dad and mom would go all out on xmas cause it was our families favorite time of year so they were a little upset that i was gunna stop believing in santa so that year my dad dressed up as santa on xmas eve then on xmas morning when i woke up there were big white book prints on the floor coming from our door (cause we didnt have a fireplace) and then out side there were “reindeer” hoofs on our roof and i remember i was soooo happy and excited so i told my mom to collect the white stuff that Santa boot print made cause i wanted to show my cousins that Santa came and i remember when we went for xmas dinner that night i was like “momma give me the baggie so i can show my cousins” and she handed me the baggie and it was empty and i was like ” what happened!?!” and my mom told me it was magical powder that as soon as it left the house it was found it in diss
    disappears. lol i still remember it to this day and if and when i ever have kids i will be doing this exact thing cause it brought me so much joy as a child.

  56. Now that my schedule has changed at work, I am enjoying having Christmas off the past couple of years. YEA!

  57. It’s nice to see the family on Christmas, particularly if they’re in from out of town.

  58. my favorite things about xmas are decorating, family, all the pretty lights, every year there are a couple traditions that i always look forward too. christmas means alot to me and my family. its the one time of year where we put all our differences aside to spend quality time with one another. We always watch the original rudolph the red nosed reindeer and we just added elf to the list of movies we watch cause its one that the whole family really enjoys!

  59. I like giving my dogs and my cat a special treat on Christmas day. They should feel special, too! :)

  60. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with family and seeing friends from my hometown. Also, lots of amazing food!

  61. Angela Cash says:

    If I won I would choose the LeConte Messenger Maggie Bag in dark red.

  62. I fondly remember Christmas Eve dinner at my one grandma’s place. It was almost ritualistic, which was soothing. I miss that.

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