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Grow Potatoes in a Tiny Spaces

Grow Potatoes in Tiny Spaces

Potatoes used to be a crop that you needed a lot of rows and a lot of space to grow a large harvest. But did you know you can grow over 100 pounds of potatoes in just four square feet of awesome gardening space? The secret is instead of growing out in rows is to […]

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Organic Chicken & Quinoa Salad #1

Organic Chicken and Quinoa Salad Recipe

  Organic Chicken and Quinoa Salad Recipe I love salads, this Chicken and Quinoa Salad hits the spot in the summer.  It's a nice light dinner and you don't have to use an oven.  I get organic whenever possible for all my cooking.  For those who want a bit of dairy, I offer the Parmesan on the ... read more